Well, when it comes to films I have been very lucky at times. Most of the work I did helped me go up another level. Some of the feature and short films I have worked on are as follows – (click on the image for more details)

Lucia Sillhoutte Poster

The Filmy Journey

In the end of 2005 I started watching a lot of movies. And I would see them all day again and again. This further developed to reading screenplays. I started liking what one could do in the films medium. I wanted to learn more. I again packed my bags and ran to Mumbai to do more work in films. Unlike Theatre, work in films is super slow and completely unreliable. A project that takes off today will be shelved in a week. Big names Big Promises and months together of waiting. Luckily I had to go through that ordeal only for sometime.

Reaching Mumbai and looking around for few weeks got me a job as an Executive Producer at the Neela Tele Films. It was in its very initial stages. During the research and the pre production I got to travel in remote parts of the coastal  Gujarat. I was given a handy cam, and I freaked out, though I was fully burnt by the time I returned.  I shot about 10 hours of footage, came back and made my first Travelogue called ‘Oceanside Blues’. Nothing great but still my first!

That project didn’t materialize and had to move on. I bumped into a friend Karan Makhija whom you all would have seen in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. He was involved in making corporate films. I joined him for few months and worked on all sorts of corporate films. This is where I brushed up my skills in editing. Everyday I used to sit and edit films using Final Cut Pro, not only did I learn to use the machine but also understood the importance of editing. Using Karan’s editing studio and camera I made the short film ‘A Perfect Day’. More about that film in the Short Films section.

History repeated again. I had to come back to Bangalore. So I was back again but this time with more knowledge in films. I started teaching films in a college and was working as a freelance editor for corporate films. Exposing myself to loads of shots and to the process of joining, cutting, syncing and story telling. All these projects unknowingly were helping me learn things about film making. In the process I made more short films and got selected for Talent Campus at the Osians Films Festival. The workshops and the exposure was enriching beyond expectations.

All the while I was constantly looking for acting opportunities and I got one. Suri of Duniya fame cast me as the vilian for his movie Inthi Ninna Preethiya. Things got moving for me from there. Though the movie did average business, my performance was applauded. This got me to meet Yogaraj Bhatt. We started talking about films and he felt that I had the potential to write for films and thats it. Since Jan 2008 to date I have been working with him on various films projects.

After 3 years of being in the Bhat camp, I was offered to direct a film! And in 2011 I made ‘Lifeu Ishtene’, my directorial debut as a feature filmmaker. More about that movie on the Lifeu Ishtene link above. 

In 2012-2013, I produced – Directed the Project Lucia. It was the Kannada’s first Crowd Funded movie. More about this epic journey on 

Currently. I am making the Hindi version of LUCIA with Foxstar.

28 thoughts on “Films

  1. Karthik Sridhar says:

    Loved your performance in Inthi ninna preethiya and Manasaare. Good luck for the future!

  2. Rond Carter says:

    Thanks for such a good blog.

  3. Nataraj Gowda says:

    Its an amazing blog. I could feel your blog while reading. You are a good writer, Bro. All the best for your future plans. Hare Krsna

  4. Puneeth says:

    Wonderfull Bro, kannada Films were based on Formulas, Please change it..

  5. chetan says:

    wish u good luck….let this bring u lots n lots of aufdience……..happy new year

  6. Vijay says:


    I am looking forward to watching your ‘Lifeu Istene’ movie….
    I think the movie will have more emotions which an audience can easily relate to his own life.

    All the very best……..

    Vijay S

  7. jagadeesha says:

    All the best Pawan…!!!

  8. harsha g adiga says:

    best of luck. . . . .

  9. giri says:

    Pawan nice blog….all the best for u r next film LIFEU ISTENE

  10. anil says:

    all the best for u r future plan

  11. madhusudhan says:

    lifeu ishtene director….lifena baghe istella helidhare……you should have been director for LIFEU ISHTELLA…:)

  12. Jaisimha says:

    Hi Pawan,

    I’m one of the many people who are unfortunate to miss out on the audio release function of ur first dream project (Lifeu Ishtene Move on……) but i wanted to know if u can pls upload the video of it, i’m sure a lot of people are anticipating to watch this.
    I very well know the amount of work load you are under, especially the time constraints just before the release.
    Hope to see the audio release videos as and when you upload it.

    All the very best to you and ur team

  13. HARSHA says:

    LIFE ISTHENE antha heloke istondu ela hara sahasa madidirala..!! Can you offer me any cameo role in your future films?

  14. Sanchitha. R says:

    Amazing work on the website :)
    Cant wait to watch “lifeu Istene”!
    All the best. :)


    Boss I watched your 1st baby Lifeu Ishtene. Really it is very cute movie I liked it very much.I’ve just completed film making cource from FFVA Bangalore.Being a film making student I learnt lot of things from your movie.
    This is my 2nd letter to you boss


  16. Keerthi says:

    Who’s the Blonde Gal

  17. Sudhakar Krishnappa says:

    Hi Pawan,

    Your Lifu Ishtene movie Simply superb, I liked Lifu Ishtene, Keep Moving in Success, we are expecting same in your future,

    Wish you best of luck,

    Sudhakar Krishnappa

  18. Bharath hosabeed says:

    hello sir .. lifeu ishtene movie is very gud sir , all d best in ur future life

  19. Yogesh says:


    Nice to know that u used final cut pro and Mac for u r film editing purpose, what s that advertimnt at the bottom left cornor of u r blog…. Igniter (groupdating) cant u block it….its quite irritating….


  20. Deepak says:

    Pawan, this movie leaves an impact. There are many movies on failed loved stories. But you have presented the screenplay in a never-before-seen way.

    It is very difficult to make movies with such concepts, but you have succeeded. The movie had a great flow due to the precise editing work!

    Packaging the film with great looking actors, an amazing musician, a thoughtful lyricist and a great canvas, you have all the makings of a director par excellence.

    Wish you good luck in your new venture.

  21. ramesh says:

    Good blog , thanks for Lifeu Estene movie . It’s a good movie .
    Staying in US rarely i see new good Kannada movies , It’s a good move to release it online . Publicize this if it’s successful .

    Good Luck for all your future projects .

  22. harish says:

    well done bro, you are a champ keep the hard work going kannada film industry needs a director like you. You make the movie for this generation. keep it up and good luck.Jai Karnataka mathe….

  23. sharan says:

    sir im sharan i hav a friend name bharat his name is being misused in many forms his namr was usrd to put movies lik sidlingu we then fought back to delete in all forums his profilr has been created in many forums pl help us to remove thos

  24. vinay says:

    ‘dollars dont work’…….good dialogue from manasaare…..loved it..u did well in pancharangi as well……..u can approach yograj bhat for ur next movie to produce….u can attract stars by doing an action flick then it’l be easy for u to get dates of stars for a non-action flick as well………!!!!wat say…….??

  25. Ramesh Godi says:

    Hi, Pawan, I liked your Life Istene movie very excellent and reality shown in the film.
    always have films like which we experience in our daily life it should not be like imaginatory which cannot be reachable. And you are doing really good job. Good Luck.
    Good luck will be waiting that you do something. You will be waiting that good luck will do something.
    Hope that luck came early you effort and opportunity meet here at Lucia.
    have a best of luck

  26. vijeth says:

    sir i finished my degree…i want to opt filmmaking as my career…i want to noe eveything bout filming from scripting to editing…wher shld i start???? could u pls help….

  27. vijeth says:

    sir if u read my msg by chance
    pls do reply
    vil b waiting for ur valuable reply

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