Awards and Recognitions in Theatre and Films

  • 2013 – Audience Choice Award for Best Film – Lucia at London Indian Film Festival
  • 2013 – Best Director, Filmfare Best Director  for Lucia
  • 2012 – Young Creative Entrepreneur Award (Digital for Creative Industries) 2012 by British Council
  • 2011 – Best Director, Filmfare Best Director Nomination for Lifeu Ishtene
  • 2011 – Best Director, Bangalore Times Award for Lifeu Ishtene
  • 2009 – Young Performing Arts Entrepreneur 2009 (India finalist) by British Council
  • 2007 – Osians Indian Talent Campus 2007
  • 2006 – Ability Foundation Short Films 2007 (Finalist)
  • 2006 – Indian Young Achiever 2006 (Finalist)
  • 2006 – 101 Genesis Film Project 2006 (Finalist)
  • 2002 – Best Actor Thespo 2002
  • 1997 – Best Creative Direction for Times Playfest

Films Profile

Since 2006 I have been into film making. I have found both theatre and films as art forms closely related to one another. Like theatre, my stint with films started of as an amateur and moved on to working in feature films. Currently I am a screenwriter and a director.

  • Lucia, feature film – Producer, Writer, Director, Actor (2013)
  • Lifeu Ishtene…!, feature film – Writer, Director, Actor (2011)
  • Blind Date, short film – Director (2010)
  • Pancharangi, feature film – Story, Screenplay & Actor (2010)
  • Manasaare, feature film – Screenplay & Actor (2009)
  • Lagori, feature film – Screenplay (2008)
  • Circus, feature film – Actor (2008)
  • Inthi Ninna Preethiya, feature film – Actor (2007)
  • Mr. Garagasa, feature film – Actor (2007)
  • Dreamcatcher, short film – Director (2007)
  • Beginnings & Endings, short film – Director (2007)
  • 3, short film – Actor (2005)
  • A Perfect Day, short film – Director (2007)


Since my involvement in the theatre arts from the year 1998, I have managed to attend innumerable workshops and short-term training programs to gain and polish my skills. These workshops not only helped me develop my own form of theatre, but also gave me the courage to experiment my thoughts and feelings theatrically and to confidently present it to an audience.

  • Summer Project On Theatre 2000 by Bangalore Little Theatre (2000)
  • Playback Theatre by The Script (2000)
  • Body Theatreby The Script (2001)
  • Playback theatre (advanced) by Bev and Mary, International Playback Theatre Network (2002)
  • Story Telling by Mary, New York (2002)
  • Physical Theatre & the Performer by Atul Kumar (2002)
  • Evolution of a stage Production by Salim Arif (2002)
  • Basic Mime by Bappi Das (2002)
  • ‘Theatre in Education’ faculty training by The Script (2002)
  • Script Writing by Carl Miller, Royal Court Theatre, London (2003)
  • Theatre to Film by Amol Pareker and Neena Gupta (2003)
  • Acting for Film by Makrand Deshpande & Anurag Kashyup (2003)
  • Internalization of Acting by Sunil Shanbagh (2003)
  • Building character by Akash Khurana (2003)
  • Comedy acting by Joy Fernandez (2003)
  • Acting for Actors by Barry John (2004)
  • Commedia dell’Arte by Italian Commedia Company (2004)
  • Characterization by Vijay Padaki (2004)
  • Internal Acting by Nasseruddin Shah (2004)
  • Lighting Design by Tapas Sen (2004)
  • Theatre Direction by Prasanna (2004)
  • Advanced Theatre by Footsbarn traveling Theatre (2004)
  • Finding meaning in a Film by Nick Deocampo (2007)
  • Debate about off beat films with Saeed Mirza (2007)
  • Docu Filming by Uli Gaulke (2007)
  • Script and Dialogue by Anurag Kashyap (2007)
  • Cinematography by Dilip Verma and Anil Mehta (2007)
  • Screenwriting  (2013)

Theatre Profile

I have been involved in almost all aspects of theatre arts. First few years as an enthusiast creating amateur theatre within the college. After undergoing professional training I moved on to producing theatre within a professional setup with regular public shows. I formed an english theatre company called ACTor Productions in 2004 and have worked as an Artistic Director and a Producer. I have produced more than 70 public shows and have collaborated in various capacities in theatre productions produced by other theatre companies. I have also conducted theatre workshops in corporate companies, colleges, schools and for general pubic.

Professional Theatre under ACTor Productions

  • The Woman in MeActor, Director, Playwright (2007)
  • Honey! Lets Break UpDirector, Playwright (2005)
  • Sleuth Actor, Director (2005)
  • Monologues Director (2005)
  • Third Bell Theatre Festival Festival Director and Producer  (2005)
  • Evam Indrajit Actor, Director (2004)
  • The Final Rehearsal Actor, Director, Playwright (2004)

Professional Theatre as a Freelance Theatre Practitioner

  • Captain IndiaLighting Design & Execution (2006)
  • Peele Scooterwalla AdamiLighting Design & Execution (2006)
  • Bali aur ShambuLighting Design & Execution (2006)
  • Complicite’s Measure for Measure – Lighting assistance (Indian tour) (2005)
  • Flying doctor – Actor (2004)
  • Barber of Sivilia(opera) – Actor (2003)
  • Penis Dialogue – Scripting and lighting (2003)
  • Acid -Video edit and light execution (2003)
  • Body Catcher – Light design & execution (2004)
  • Khel – Light design & execution (2004)
  • Dancing on Glass –  Light design & execution (2004)

Amateur Theatre as a part-time Theatre Practitioner

  • Straws of Justice -Direction, Scripting and Acting (1997)
  • The Silent Plight -Direction, Scripting, acting (1998)
  • Home RuleActing (1999)
  • CartoonsActing (2000)
  • The elephant and the miceActing (2000)
  • Where have all the sparrows goneVoice over (2000)
  • Playback theatreActing (2000-2004)
  • Theatre in EducationTheatre Faculty (2001-2003)
  • Hare and the tortoiseDirection, Scripting and Acting (2000)
  • The Invisible ManDirection (2000)
  • The Lone TuskerBackstage (2001)
  • Sakharam BinderBackstage (2001)
  • DinosaurDirection and Scripting (2001)
  • The CauseDirection, Scripting and Acting (2001)
  • September 11Set design, Backstage (2001)
  • You are your own saviorDirection, Scripting and Acting (2001)
  • Frozen TwilightAsso.direction & sound editing (2002)
  • CinderellaSound Design (2002)
  • Mending wallDirection (2003)
  • Ant and the cricket – Sound Design (2003)
  • Nuke- Direction (2003)
  • As the Mask drops – Voice over (2003)
  • Ek Aur DronacharySound designing and execution (2003)
  • Animal FormActing and video editing (2003)
  • A view from the stage – Production crew (2003)

30 thoughts on “Biography

  1. sharath says:

    i still remember u from inti ninna preetiya..
    superb underplay..
    successfully providin a pshycological dilema to d character… :)

  2. Girish says:

    Nice acting in Manasare….

    All the best for pancharangi….

  3. Acharya Pavan U. says:

    we still remember u as an actor in Manasaare film…. the way u taken the small story and developed is fentastic…. we went tio see that film with our frd circle in mangalore… we enjoyed well.. i wish u all the best for your projects and upcoming films.
    Acharya Pavan U.

  4. c.k.meena says:

    Do you remember me, the old journalist and theatre critic from Bangalore? I casually Googled you because I was doing a piece, an overview of English-language theatre in Bangalore from the 1980s on, and was absolutely gobsmacked to see where you’d reached, from your PES-dropout and Alliance Francaise days (the mad man and the chair, Honey Let’s Break Up, etc).

  5. Pawan says:

    I am still young but with a fading memory! I am so sorry… I am just not able to recollect! But I am so happy that someone remembers those things… Thank you so much. It adds meaning to all my years of struggle and experimenting. You could dare to watch some of my newer works too.. they are not so outdated yet. The latest being Pancharangi, a kannada movie. Thanks again! :)

  6. YALLAPPA P T says:

    Ur biography is simply superb sir. All the best for ur upcoming projects.Even me also interested in acting but u knw how tough to get a chance. I strongly believe i have an actor in me. I knw i wont get reply for this but stil i hope so. Please let me knw if there are any auditions. Sir i want to meet u once if u dnt min. If u wont reply also i wish very gud luck for u in film industry. – YELLS
    (My contact no is 9535494850)

  7. Govardhan says:

    Hey pawan, I am observing your work since many days dude. infact i called you once when you are on sets of pancharangi. my message is you have a long future please dont worry about small setbacks, you will make it big one day. i appreciate your perseverance. i wish you become full time director one day. All the best.

  8. Gowtham says:

    Nice Biography, I had really not imagined that you have been trained in so many areas for so long.. All the best for “Life Ishtene”, I feel Diganth in the recent past did a couple of very casual movies, I feel with this movie he will regain his charizma..
    I am the co-founder of a film making group called mugulnage (in facebook/youtube) you can catch up for our works there, I recently directed a short film named “mugulnage..NenapugaLalle” which has recieved varied response from all, Please do watch. Thank you.
    Gowtham – 9742022417
    (Theatre – Aneka Group,
    Movies – Rajadhani, Nande (Acting)
    Direction/Acting – muguLnage)
    I am very eager to meet you if I get lucky :) Thanks a lott again..
    Let the Kannada film Industry shine.. :)

  9. Manju says:

    Dollar….! U Know…? Manasaare is my alltime favorite movie bcoz of U:)

  10. Yeallaru halag hogri. . Jeevana Ishte. . Yaaru sari ella. . Nambike, preethi, moha, vymoha etc. . , bari sullu. . Saavu nija. . Kannu, kannirina jeevana. . Mugulunage. . A.C. roomu, maadidhanne maado kelsa, belige pickup, sanje dropu. . Varakke ondh week off iddru, nidde maadbeku ankondru, aagalla. .Devru, Devva gap nalli naavu. . Bhadukthira? Saayithira?? Eradu maadona. . . . .

  11. sashidhar says:

    great that u have such experience under you,looking at the song you have shot yaarige helona i feel the lights havent worked well for you , and i am curious to see lifu ishtene

  12. sashidhar says:

    GLAD to see your profile so big and fine , lot of experience , hope your movie lifu ishtene does well but dont you think you have let down on art department and lights on some places not trying to be cynical here just a thought i couldnt hold back

  13. paneendra says:

    Hi… congrats bro, Ur really great…
    Don’t worry whatever shit the sensor people may try to do and spoil our efforts, above everyone of us there is one supreme, whom we call as god so he knows what is the real worth of the things and persons who really matter… When Ur good and true, so whatever he may do will definitely will be for ur good only, hope all our audience understand your problems, and media people will also support u about these issues… Finally ur god whom u believe will not leave u alone, hope he’ll be with u for upcoming challenges…. All the best…
    Apart from these, sorry for introducing me at this time… I’ve very much passion for films rather than my engineering, and people like u have kept on inspiring my thoughts. so I really wanted to work with people like you and please give me a chance, if u think I’m suitable for this field I’ll be with u and ready to do any work but if it’s not in my potential and if I’m not the right person then I’ll never ever trouble u for sure.. I even wrote lyrics for ur LIFU ISHTENE tune for which yograj anna had asked to write lyrics but don’t know, how to make it to reach u or yoganna, tried a lot but couldn’t possible.
    So please help me out, waiting for ur reply and hoping to contact u as soon as possible…,
    GOD BLESS U.., and with best wishes for our movie LIFU ISHTENE ……

    PANEENDRA..(waiting for u)

  14. vinod says:

    Good Luck Pawan… Great going ahead.. May god bless you..


  15. Manja Manja Manjaaaa says:

    Namaskra BOSS!!!!!!!! :):) Eno helbeku ansthu .. Nim ee .com ootha ansthu elo kannada li bardidre inna changi helbahuditheno antha ..!! Nam bashe yavath idru bhavane gala suri male!!! English ali easthe baridru kannada mansna muto way ne bere.. aag aaga ond erd article kannada mix english ali bariri .Kelake(in d sense) oodake bombat aagi irathe …!!!

  16. Mohan Y S says:

    Hi Pawan,

    I put in a comment earlier asking if i can be a part of Lucia as an assistant director or in any other capacity.
    Below are the links of my 3 short movies i created along with my friends (shot on a handycam).

    My article published in ‘THE HINDU’ is available in the link below

    Please let me know if i can be a part of your project.

    Thanks and looking for a response

  17. aashish dias says:


  18. Shiva says:

    Is it possible for you to publish your scripts on your website? It can be of great educational value to beginners.

  19. kanthesh says:

    Hi Pawan,,
    Its really good to see your profile, @ very short period you achieve so much. i wish you keep doing good kannada movies. the one good thing that you did about available of kannada movies online to those who r in overseas to watch with good quality.
    i wish all the best to ur HOME TALKIES which made a great start.

  20. satish says:

    sir i m your fan since from pancharangi your doing a great job for kannada industry and i have heared that u r looking for new talanents i m interested to join your team if u can pl replay me i have written songs add dilouges if i get a chance to meet u ill show all the thigs wt i hv wrote pl replay me

  21. lokesha poojary says:

    good creative director

  22. annadani says:

    hello brother Im big fan u n having more interst making movie I directed some short movie plz ll u make help for enter in to ur up cmg project plz plz bro…
    contact no 8147353536
    email id

  23. annadani says:

    hello brother im big fan u n I interested In making movie n i directed some short movie plz bro ll u help for enter in film industry
    contact no 81477353536
    email id

  24. Vinayaka says:

    Hi Pawan,

    I saw your movie lifeu ishtente, It is one of the best movie in the Kannada industry. It is really honour for kannadigas to have creative director like u in the Kannada industry.Now, I wish you all the best for the movie Lucia & also for your future endeavors.

    Vinayaka H.K

  25. Rahul Raikar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I saw your film, your so fascinate with your work.
    I Have well written story, I really need to communicate with you is there any chances.
    My E-mail Id

    Rahul Raikar

  26. Rahul Raikar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I saw your movies, You are so fascinate with your work. I have well written woman oriented love story to tell you. I need to communicate with you sir, My Id

    Rahul Raikar

  27. Karthik says:

    I can see modern Shankarnag in you.

  28. Dear Praveen Sir,

    Really we all Hats of to you and Congratulations for making Lucia the great Movie in Kannada Industries, We all are happy to see your movie and Your Film Got BRITISH COUNCIL award. We wish you good luck sir for your future movies. Really we appriciate your concept i.e. Giving Chance to New Comer , Like Ballekere navin and My Friend Sathish, Ninasam .. For your next Project Pls Give me a chance to acting in your movie. I am folk singer and Actor i have got many awrd in Acting My mobile number is 9986173766

  29. Madegowda says:

    Your all movies are super Congrats

  30. divakar says:

    Sir actually I hav get dream of becmng a filmmaker…..i wnt to put my thots n feels in tat….y wnt to shw the ppl wht I experienced,wht I obsrvd around….i always been the get observr looking at the same ppl doing same thing made me sick….i have grt vision of chngng ppl mind…so film media s the nly way mkng ppl stick smwr n see….bcs director has tat ability of mkng possibl things….i hav seen in theatr tat silently ppl sit down n watch wht a dirctor has made….i have mny things to say bt the page s NT enough…..8095740071

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