On December 5th 2008, I got to hear the confirmed news about the shelving of the movie Lagori due to budget constraints. It was heart breaking. Yogaraj and I had worked on that script for exactly one year. Had made more than 25 drafts, each one better than the previous. We roamed around almost the whole of Karnataka looking for the right locations. Auditioned many actors and children. Umpteen discussions with the producer and cast had happened. And finally recession cast its dark shadow on us.

When we both met up again after a few days, there was an uncomfortable silence. And then we just decided to put it behind and move on. We started discussing about Manasaare. The first draft we wrote is nothing like what the movie has turned out to be. We kept developing it all the time. A lot of the script was written on the late night car drives we used to go on kanakpura road. I enjoyed the process of dissecting something so much. And Finally a shooting script was ready.

But I didnt limit my involvement to just the script, I wanted to work in all departments. I actively involved myself in the costumes, the sets and I would create 3d graphic models of things I had in my mind and things we used to collectively discuss. And just before going on floors I had long meetings with Satya Hegde and we together came up with the shooting schedule. It was one wonderful learning. And because we were shooting mostly with in the hospital premises, I came up with a visual design of our schedule. The numbers in the map represent the scene numbers.

And off we went to the shoot. First few days was all about matching the script to the specific locations within the hospital. The entire art dept was working all day and night. The cast joined us one after the other. And within 3 days the place was filled with cast crew and juniors. And thats where we lived for the next 25 days. Constant arguments and discussions happening among the 3 of us all the time. By the end of it we hated the place and were desperate to get back home, but on the day it actually got over, it felt horrible going.

There is so much I could speak about the experience of making this movie but I can’t, See through the album and videos and enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “Manasaare

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  2. Prithvi says:

    Movie is fantastic!

  3. Prashanth Cukkemane says:

    “Manasaare” was WONDERFUL Movie maga, Thanks for Creating it!

  4. Manjunath Narayan says:

    Naanu Manasaare. .

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