My new movie Pancharangi opened with a bang! Did my team and I anticipate it? NOPE! I am Pawan Kumar, the story and screenplay writer of Pancharangi. I am also the ‘Lucky’ character in the movie. In the archives you can read about how the film was made. Have fun! 

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September 4th, 2010

All I can write now is that the movie has released. Audience are taking it very well. I so badly want to write stuff but not finding the time or the right mood to type it down. So I shall simply post some links here and later in the future add some stuff! Click on the pictures to see Pancharangi Albums on Picasa

March 16, 2010

23 days of shooting. 23 days of tanning and sweating. 100+ cans of footage. unlimited learnings.

I am back home now. We have completed about 80% of the movie, a few more scenes in Bangalore and songs is all that remains. There is so much to tell, like always I don’t know where to start from. But I hope to make this read interesting and to give you an insight on how the shooting went on and where we are heading.

I left for Mangalore on Feb 13th. I was accompanying Yogaraj and Tiyagu, the cinematographer. We went 4 days before the shoot date. We were put up at the Red Rock resort, good place with a swimming pool. All of us went around the locations we had zeroed down on and had hardcore discussions. Tweaking scenes according to the challenges the locale offered. And just before the shoot we cancelled one of the locations and that led to a whole lot of rescheduling but all was under control.

The camera started rolling. The making is way different from the manasaare. This time it is more about conversations and performances. Deliberately we have cut down heavily on technicals. Look forward for a whole lot of fun dialogues and wonderful acting from a very talented and experienced cast.

We started shooting a day after Nidhi’s Birthday, but that wouldn’t stop her from constantly reminding me of giving her some surprise and out of compulsion we had to celebrate her birthday and yawn it was so boring. Happy Birthday Nidhi honey :P (for safety sake I am wishing you again)

The house we were shooting in was called Rajini house, we gave it that reference because apparently the superstar Rajinikant had shot a movie there and that story is told to everyone. Its one of those old houses with the central open space. The favorite place for everyone was the chavdi, its a space outside the house next to the entrance door. You’d find the entire cast sitting there and chatting and laughing all the time.

(to be continued)

February 05, 2010

January 28, 2010

This is the movie I am currently working on. I have written the story and the screenplay for the movie and am also acting. The movie will be Produced and Directed by Yogaraj Bhat. Cinematography by Thyagu. Music by Mano Murthy. Primary cast is Digant and Nidhi.

Updates shall come in as and when I have the time to upload.

23 thoughts on “Pancharangi

  1. sharath says:

    hi buddy…,good work.. keep goin.. loads of hopes on ppl lik u who could come as fresh breath in sandalwood.. :)
    one q:
    u r still of a very young age so obviously u might haven got much experience in life.. now how important do u think it is for an aspirindirector [m sure u r :)] to go thru versatile experience in life..
    bcoz in tis modern era v guys hav a very narrow set of life experiences..,due to hectic schedules n othr pressures…
    havent it hampered u ever?
    how do u manage these bottlenecks..?

  2. Pawan says:

    Thank you. To answer your question… the word is imagination. The longer you stay around to learn the basics of the art form… that much stronger your skill to imagine things become. So… Age and life experiences do matter but with whatever you already have you will be able to imagine and create stuff. with age it only improves. Or so I think :)

  3. Anjan says:

    I liked Mansaare a lot, I hope this movie too does well at box office…best of luck to pancharangi team !! hope to see more of ur scripts in KFI….

  4. Acharya Pavan U. says:

    hi dear,
    we are waiting for your film.

  5. vijay mahantesh olekar says:

    We are proud of your super work , keep giving us good films, your combination yograj sir rocks . . All the best for your iconic future , . Manasaare was amazing waiting eagarly for pancharangi . . , please lets us know when is the release dates . . We hope pancharangi will be released in all multiplexes our quality kannada films has to be benefited

  6. CHANNAVEER says:

    Hi Pawan, You have lot of passion in your work. & this passion will bring you lot of sucess in future. I hope you will give different dimension to Kannada film Industry. Keep it Up & ALL THE BEST

  7. Narendranath says:

    The first time i saw u in inthi ninna preethiya …i could see the actor in you..i saw a report on tv9 about you…thats when i started following ur activities in the industry..also when i heard that u had made it to yograj bhat’s team..i came to know that u were in the right place ….keep up the good work..waiting to see pancharangi…ALL THE BEST

  8. Varun says:

    Hey dude, nice movie. Loved every bit of it. Hope to see more from you.


  9. nagesh says:

    hey very sweet n short movie…. it was like a yummy cofee.. carry on all d best

  10. Vijay mahantesh olekar says:

    When will manasaare original dvd be released?

  11. Sunil says:

    Hello Pavan,

    I am SUNIL and I watched Manasaare movie 5 times as I loved it so much. I have heard a lot about your new movie Pancharangi too from my friends in India. Very sad that Kannada movies don’t release in USA. Is there any chance of getting the movie for us to watch in USA so that we can enjoy the movie too like our friends and families are doing in India.Give my regards to Yograj Bhat, Mano Murthy, Jayant Kaikini, Diganth & Nidhi. Heard great things about Nidhi’s acting from friends who have watched the movie. Wishing you all the best for your future. Bye & Take Care.


  12. Pawan says:

    as soon as it is aired on tv.. I guess sometime next month.

  13. Pawan says:

    they are working on it! it should be released there sometime soon

  14. Kasturi Nivasi says:

    Saw this yesterday. Unfortunately rhough a pirated copy. But say what, amazing move, loaded with witty tidbits.
    So many questions. To start with, can anyone please tell me, why Nidhi runs saying ‘ nA baMde….’ from the beach to her house. Anything significant, or is it mere filler?

  15. chethan says:

    Hi pawan!! pancharangi is really a Nice movie yaar.Being a software tekki , I loved ur character. One change I hav noticed is , bilkul-klintan has become thin compared to Dollar saahebru. I was searching for pavan kumar in google and ended up here.shocked by seeing ur another face here. All the best for ur bright career.TC

  16. Prashanth says:

    Hi Sunil,
    Pancharangi was released in Edison,NJ.
    You can check the indian movie timings/theatres in

  17. Roopa says:

    Hello Pawan,
    Sorry, I did not like Pancharangi. That said, I do appreciate the message the movie was ‘trying’ to convey.
    As a viewer of the movie, I felt there were small details that were overlooked, which could have connected the characters better. For example- I think you are trying to portray Diganth’ family as a normal middle class Brahmin family( noticed from the scene where Mom is reciting the Keshavanama on the bus) , then don’t you think the guy playing Diganth’s Mava, should also talk and look similar. Sorry, I am not trying to be racist, but minute details do matter and are important in making memorable movies.
    Also, as a woman, I took offence to the way Nidhi’s Character was portrayed. How much ever a tomboy a girl is, she does not peel off her clothes whenever and wherever she wants. I do understand that it is a character written from the perspective of a man, but a little input from a woman would have made her really interesting instead of irritating.
    I do hope you take my comments only as constructive criticism. Being of this generation, you have a really long way to go, and much more to give to all of us. I do hope to hear from you.
    Wishing you much success,

  18. Mohan.s says:

    I am Mohan and I watched Manasaare movie as I loved it so much. I have heard a lot about your new movie Pancharangi i saw 6 times it’s nice movie i am all so good actter so plz give me a chance in u r new movie any chance i am waiting for my chance thank u sir …………….!

  19. Vinny Black says:

    Hi bro this is Vinny Black,
    I ve watched your Manasare and Pancharangi both many times.Loved Them a lot..Keep goin on…expecting pretty much from “Life istene”…hope you will do well….

  20. :-)csc says:

    Pancharangi, really a class movies,,, m loving it.. Have a copy on my cell. No counts that I watched it. . Hats off to the team… Pls continue with such lively projects.

  21. tantrik25 says:

    Hmmm .. what can i say .. I am an avid kannadiga .. but havent watched a kannada movie for a while mainly since kannada movies have long been a cheap imitation of other south indian movies. But lo ! Pacnharangi was refreshing to watch ..the spontaneous conversations in Kannada was music to my ears .. loved all the characters in the film ..thoughful direction ..keep up the good work

  22. Bhaskar says:

    I had purchased the movie “Lifu Ishtene” recently and posted a comment on your profile. Compared to Life Ishtene, Pancharangi is a good movie, and characters in the movie are well selected. The need for actors knowing Kannada should be a minimum requirement for making Kannada movies, and Pancharangi shows it all! Good work.

  23. dino says:

    Guru where can i find the Tee Shirt worn throughout the Pancharangi movie by Diganth ,
    Been Searching it from the first time i saw Movie.

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