Honey, Lets Break Up

Why we do the things we do?’ a question which makes lot of sense when applied to the human life. The only definite thing that every human is capable of is – attachment, a quality which makes him different from the other living things. Among lot of attachments which he has, a lot of his energy and time is spent on nurturing the attachment towards the opposite sex. A tongue-in-cheek comedy that talks about the fascinating ways a man and a woman get together, take each other though a roller-coaster ride and finally end the ride – by breaking up. I had been through a break up myself, and I had blown it up in my mind as the biggest disaster of my life. And when I realized the insignificance of it, I wanted to laugh.

The script of this play was a lot of fun writing. I didnt have any story in the mind, it was just conversations. It opened at the Bangalore Bias Theatre festival and did few repeats again. The repeat shows at the Alliance were the best because we rearranged the stage in the center of the hall in very non linear format and was structurally looking all broken with ups and downs, this added to the theme of the play quite well.

I also adapted the script and tried making a short film of it. It was called Beginnings and Endings. But later realized that it was good as a play, it was too abstract for film.

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Honey Lets Break Up

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