Watch Lifeu Ishtene Movie (with english subtitles)

This is the page where we experimented the Online Viewing of Kannada movies! And this page is the reason for Home Talkies to be conceptualized. You can view the film here or visit the Lifeu Ishtene page on –

This is a GENUINE page from the makers of LIFEU ISHTENE. You are on the official website of Pawan Kumar, director of the film. The feature film presented below for online viewing is of high quality, and at a very minimal cost. Watch the full film including the additional scenes, also get to interact with the film making team. Discourage piracy to keep the kannada movie industry alive.

Pay proudly and watch Guilt/Sin free!

so far, 1546 unique buyers and 6000+ online viewers

I am Pawan Kumar and this is my debut film as a feature film director, the film had a very successful run at the box office. Lifeu Ishtene figures in the list of 10 commercial hit films of 2011. Browse through the site to know more about my work. This is the first time a Kannada film has been put up online officially. Kindly promote the online viewing of the film Lifeu Ishtene among your friends. (For movie reviewsCLICK HERE) To read comments by Online movie viewers, pls scroll down to the end of the page.

10 reasons why you will enjoy this film

You are very very single.

You miss a certain boy/girl next to you.

You have a wife but you also have a memory.

You enjoy laughing at all your mistakes from the past.

You know your husband had bad taste, until he found you.

You have very recently broken up or want to break up.

You so badly want to call someone but can’t.

You are a sucker for love and attention.

You think life is very complex.

And, you have $5 to spend on 2 hours of smiling n laughing !!!

 Disclaimer : This page is still in its beta format! We hope to better all the services with time. If there is any issue/suggestions regarding payments or viewing, please write to actorinme(at)gmail(dot)com

Enjoy watching Lifeu Ishtene and please write your reviews below, don’t forget to share this page :-)

189 thoughts on “Watch Lifeu Ishtene Movie (with english subtitles)

  1. Raghu says:


    Thank you for making this movie available online.Initially confused, after reading few reviews i was comfortable to watch. Me and my wife thoroughly enjoyed the movie.thank you sooooooo much..

    Thanks & Regards

  2. Vinod Kulkarni says:

    Thanks Pawan for making the movie available online. I was so eager to watch this movie and was excited to watch the movie online.

    “Lifeu Ishtene” movie was good and liked the ending part different from regular movies. Even I was waiting for hero, heroine together ending :).

    wish to see more kannada movies online. Happy to support Kannada industry.


  3. Ravi says:

    Hi Pawan,

    First of all, Thank you for such a wonderful idea for sharing this movie on-line. Wish we get all good Kannada movies like this available on-line especially for oversea fans.

    Coming to movie, it was an awesome movie. We also liked your role in the movie both on screen as well as behind the screen. As a director you have done a tremendous job.

    We had no hassles regarding payment or streaming of movie. The quality was excellent and the audio was superb. Wish we were able to watch this movie in a cinema hall near by.

    Wishing you best of Luck for LUCIA. I am sure this will be another success! I wish it breaks all records in Kannada Industry.


  4. Anoop Shreedhara says:

    Hey Pawan,

    Movie was nice. The streaming speed and quality was great. I live near chicago and we will be waiting for kannada movies to be released in nearby Big Cinemas. They release Telugu,Malyalam and Tamil but not kannada. Anyway, its great to pay and watch such good quality online. Great going and I hope other directors make movies available online this way so that people like us staying out can enjoy namma kannada movies. I will share your website online to inform others that the movie is available online.


  5. Kruthi says:

    It was an awesome movie. we laughed till the end :). Who is that child artist in the movie who played as Diganth?

  6. Anand says:

    Great initiative. but silverlight is so passe! and also you can handle the stream quality and user experience better. let me know if I can help. Cheers.

  7. sathya says:


    Nice to see a variety movie. It is a good movie with message.
    You have also shown some good ground reality which are true and funny “like the store scene, days of 80’s & more”. I hope you would wanna include more of those in your movies. I am sure all of us enjoy those.

    I also hope that your next movie “LUCIA” has variety. All the best..! I will watch it. I hope the story line is not the same. We as audience like to see variety “Jana Change Kelthare.. :)”.

    Keep Rocking..!


  8. dayavittu bere movies hakri, purchase maadi nodtivee. Ee movie already nodi agide.
    Paramatma,Sarati haaki

  9. Prasad says:


    This is what a young director can do. all kudos to you.
    Thanks for understanding the concern of Kannadigas living abroad. We dont want to watch a movie on a pirated print when we have an opportunity to watch such a good print paying less.

    Please convey this message to all Kannada movie directors so that we can watch DVD print GUILT FREE .


  10. Spoorthy Kiran says:

    Thanks for making this movie available online, it was a great pleasure watching it. Hope all other directors n producers follow your footstep and make kannada movies available through channels like this. Hope to get more kannada movies to watch, and as for the content it was really good i watched it on my 50″ TV using a HDMI cable from my laptop.


  11. Uma says:

    Enjoyed the very experience of guilt free viewing. Only if all Kannada movies are available like this outside India there is no reason Kannada movies need to be / are pirated. Proper pricing with no additional shipping costs of any media is also win-win for both viewers and producers.

    There are so many impediments for viewing Kannada movies abroad that producers and distributors need to be aware of – biggest of them is travel needed (at least true in my case) and weather (again I could be subjective here). So, simultaneous international release might not be successful for relatively small Kannada cinema market. I think producers and directors can think about simultaneous online launch of movies; possibly as a new experiment.

    Pawan, thanks very much for this huge help for ethical kannadigas and hope this message reaches other producers and directors for similar initiatives.


  12. venkateshbharadwaj says:

    Guys its a wonderful package………….awesome movie.
    Such a great effort frm pawan
    hope vr expecting more

  13. Nowords simply superb thx pawan

  14. Parashu says:

    The movie is really good. Its a old story/same story/everyone’s story but narrated in such way that all Youth should like it & can enjoy lot..
    Pavan’s direction includes full off creative scenes like:
    The ‘Love Massage’ – Massage for Losers, Towel mukakke muchhodu, Bus standnalli hudgige kodso chaha ge duddu iskonnodu, Hale hudgige mareyalarada marriage gift (sakkath hula), Old lover Vinay & Vishal love Sync, Shouchalaya- DVD angadi, seeling mele love picture, Rashmi DVD or Nandini DVD, Suraj & Vishal scenes….Many more..

    The songs “Junior Devdasa”, “Namma Problummu” & “Mayagi Mayavi – Muru shabdadali yella bhavaneya helu saaku ..nanage neenu beku, nanagu) are new & best.
    “Kaikini & Bhattara sahithya superb..
    Life Istene.. suttamutta snehitarannu devru kottavne, ellello iddu hoda geleya hogade idda haage anisuvudeke..Life Istene (Move on, whatever happens-just go on)

  15. raji says:

    Hi Pawan, very nice direction I must say.But the main story line was inspired from “bachna yeh haseeno” hindi movie. The cancer friend and the end was different though, rest everything the same fom the movie.I love the actors,especially the second half herroine ramya(i guess) and diganth.

  16. raji says:

    Hello Pawan,
    nice direction and nice initiative.Nice starcast and I loved the actor ramya and diganth and also the friend of diganth.I only had one catch! The movie was insoired from”bachna yeh haseeno, ranbir’s movie.But there were a lot if alteration for the kannada set up and also story line. Oerall had fun.streaming was not bad for 2.5 dollras:)).

  17. Shiv says:

    Thanks for making this movie available online in legal way.
    Regarding movie we liked Pancharangi better, While watching Lifu Ishtene many times it made me feel I am watching documentary. I will give just 3 out of 5 for this.
    But please keep it p your good approach and make some good Kannada movies,we are here to support you being NRIs

  18. PraChi Chowdry says:

    Lifu Ishtene… Tumba thanks sir!!! Sooooppper aagide movie!! Dialogues, the whole concept itself is so goood!! Tumba enjoy maadidvi cinema na. Kudos to you. Hope this trend of providing more and more good Kannada movies continue…!!

  19. M.J. says:

    Watched a Kannada movie after very long time and enjoyed it! Very good initiative putting it online, much appreciated. Liked the songs too. It was at times like a documentary in slow motion. The movie has a good message every now and then, good-looking actors and actresses and decent enough. More Kannada movies need to be available online for the global audience.

  20. Srinidhi Simha says:

    Really good movie. It’s different and worth watching it. Direction of the movie is fantastic, a kind of “fresh feeling” is there in the movie. Watched the high quality version of the movie on a HDTV and fully satisfied. I strongly recommend this movie to watch.
    A great initiative for all overseas kannadigas to watch our movies and promoting the same to take our film industry to higher levels. Keep up the good work and we always stand by you!!!

  21. Raghu says:

    Hi Pawan,

    Thanks for giving a nice movie. We enjoyed watching the movie.

    Your efforts for making it available online is making Kannadigas all over the world watch the movie. Hope we can buy and watch other Kannada movies too.

    Wish you all the best for you future projects.


  22. Dinesh Aladahalli says:


    Movie streaming speed and quality was good and we really enjoyed watching move on line. I live in New Jersey we were expecting the movie release around 24th Dec but it didn’t happen. so thanks for posting this online.

    Sakath movie eradu maathilla..we wish you grand success with Life Istene and All the best for your future movies.


  23. Dinesh says:

    Sakath Movie, thanks for making online available. In this movie Diganth performed really well and I would like to applause Shivu role and dialogues simple and natural aagidhee its a good one..what i observed in this movie all characters are shown very well and utlized fully..Pawan’s direction Hats Off……


  24. Srinivas Gowda says:

    Hi Pawan,
    It was a fun filled movie, more than that it was not a typical formula Kannada movie.
    We watched with couple of our friends and all of us enjoyed it.

    You had a very good grip on the script, you didn’t let it loose in any scene.
    It was a well made movie and expecting more good movies like this from you.

    I never expected that the procedure to was so smooth.
    The online streaming was awesome.
    Pawan, my opinion is that you have shown a good path to the industry by doing this.
    I hope the other producers/directors will come up with similar ideas for their well made original movies.

    Best Regards

  25. Maya says:

    I must say that I am one of the critics of kannada cinema and I have always felt we as audience never get movies worth watching for long time. Most movies are about macchu, laangu, mass movies which has dialogues in such distaste that makes me wince!
    Being skeptical that I am, I still decided to watch this movie as Diganth is so pleasing to watch. I must say this is AWESOME effort from a debutant director. Pawan hats off to you. The dialogues are so funny,I enjoyed the whole movie.. especially the scene where both Rashmi and Vishu sleep on the road and he feels she too will ditch him for leaving music!
    GREAT WORK. Keep entertaining us!! :))

  26. Nagesh says:

    Really enjoyed the movie. Great job director, crew and cast.

    Didn’t like Shiv’s ending.

    I purchased high resolution version, payment processing and authentication was as fast as lightening. Picture quality was very good.

    This is a note of encouragement to the Kannada film industry. I purchased this movie instead of looking for free pirated copies.

  27. Vinuth says:

    Hi Pawan,

    You have done a great job. The script was really fantabulous, bring back the nostalgia. Was really skeptical about this movie at the start, But removed my opinionated notion of monotonous Kannada movies..This was an exceptional work… Worth every cent and the time I spent…

    I would like to suggest, that it would be great if you could add english subtitle’s to this movie and the movies in future, as I had hard time explaining each and every sentence to my buddies from other state, who were keen of watching this movie.. :)

    Keep this great work going..Cheers, All the best..:)…

  28. Bharath says:

    Excellent Movie .. Must watch ..

  29. Mohan says:

    Nice Movie, recommendable.
    After long time happy to watch nice Kannada movie.
    Good effort by director. Keep trying new things audience always support you.

  30. sisya says:

    Dear Pawan,

    Fantastic effort. This is precisely the kind of thinking and direction that I’ve always wished for from the film industry in general and the Kannada film industry in particular. You should take this to the next level and have an internet premiere of your next movie — first day, first show — no less. Of course, be sure to publicize any such event in the days, weeks, months leading up to the release. Publicity is of critical importance if something like an internet premiere has to be pulled off successfully. Also, if FDFS internet premiere is not possible, at least release it before the initial euphoria dies down. Once the initial momentum is lost, it is difficult to sustain an online audience. Not even Bangarada Manushya would succeed if it is released after the audience has grown tired of waiting. Also, please consider tying up with Youtube or Netflix or similar for future releases. Netflix badly needs some Kannada movies on it.

    Kudos again on this effort. Keep them coming.

    – sisya

  31. kals says:

    very nice movie and Pawan thanks for making it avaliable its a good idea to stop piracy.well done good show

  32. Sowmya says:

    Superb Movie!.. digganth is too good in his acting :-)…. I liked like the herione with name ‘Rashmi’…It is worth watching… A new experiment in kannada industry and it is thoughtful..

  33. yashwanth says:

    Hi Pawan,
    We just watched the movie online. Loved it. Your role in the movie was a nice surprise. You havent changed one bit since PESIT days :-)


  34. somu says:

    Neevu release aada thakshana ne outside india dalli irorige ee thara website moolaka ‘pay and watch’ saulabya kalpisi kottare.. piracy moolaka nooduavara sankhya bahushaha kadime aagabahudu..

    Idu tumba volle prayatna.. naanu anthu pay maadi guilt free aagi nodide.. Yellru heege maadi

  35. sudeep says:

    Waiting for Another online movie release. Even , if it is old, that is fine.
    Pls try to release atleast one in 2 weeks.

  36. Rajesh N Gayathri says:

    sakkathagidhe, thanks, this stops also piracy for uploading

  37. Ashok says:

    Hi Pawan,

    Thanks and appreciate your effort in bringing this movie online for everyone across the globe. As you envision this will open up a trend for new kannada movies to be made availbale online.

    Movie is really good…we totally enjoyed it…

    Best Regards,

  38. Pradeep says:

    Hi Pawan,
    Thank you for posting the video online. Kannada movie does not appear in Singapore, though we NRIs don’t mind paying money online to see a high quality movie. The payment process was seamless, movie quality is great also.
    You made our weekend. Thanks for a nice movie, keep doing good movies. You will always have our support.

    Best Regards,

  39. Arvind Boggarapu says:

    This is a very good concept to watch the movie for NRIs. Keep it up. I hope more producers make their movies available online.

  40. Sunil says:

    It’s nice movie , the link worked super fine without any problem in streaming. Movie is definitely worth for $5. Thank you pawan for this idea of sharing the link. Some kannadigas stay in small cities in USA, online purchase of video is helpful for those.

    hope many new movies releases online like this,


  41. Vinay says:

    Hi Pawan,

    This is a nice initiative and hope other producers follow suit in bringing quality kannada cinema to fans abroad.

    Your movie works in parts, but disappoints in many places. Your last story, Pancharangi, was handled ably by director Yograj Bhat and in this movie, it shows it was done by a newcomer.

    Few scenes were funny, and Diganth managed to potray the ‘loser’ well with a touch of self-deprecating humor. But the climax was out of control. The songs, barring ‘Junior devdasa’, did not blend seamlessly into the narration.

    Any, you hold some promise and hope you will bring out a more cohesive and entertaining movie next time.


  42. Ravi says:

    Hi Pawan,
    First of all thank you for all the help you did. It felt great when I am watching the movie. It bought lot of old memories and also gave good message to everyone and to all ages.
    Scenic beauty was very good and excellent direction. I hope to see much more inspiring and as well fun oriented movies in future.
    Picture quality was also good. Hope to see more new movie online like this.

    Best Regards,

  43. Abhimani says:

    Hi Pavan,
    I must admit that, it is a very brilliant attempt.
    Could you please make arrangements for accepting the payments in GBP (Pounds)?


  44. Hari says:

    Thanks Pawan for taking the next big step to make the kannada films reach to a much wider audience.

    Will watch the movie soon !

  45. Ajith Kumar says:

    Hi Pawan,

    Congratulations on the success of your film. I appreciate the effort put it online and
    allowing people to buy and watch it. I also appreciate the direction of the movie. Would suggest
    that story line could be better without abruptness like Shivu getting sick or Vishal going to Dubai
    just when he started search for a job and I did not really like the songs that much. Overall
    a good experience. The main thing I liked in the direction is its hard to judge when is the movie
    on real track and on virtual/imaginary track. Good luck with your future ventures.

    Ajith Kumar

  46. shashi says:

    Hey, i enjoyed the movie very much. No where in the entire movie did I start feeling bored. I like the concept of watching a paid movie online.


  47. Naveen says:

    Hi Pawan, though I watched it in B’lore during my vacation, I was quite impressed with your idea of making the movie available online legally for such a reasonable price. So paid & enjoyed the movie once again. This is a great news for kannadigas like us who miss lot of good movies. Hope others will soon follow you. Thanks again for making such an enjoyable movie & keep doing the good work.
    Best Rgds

  48. MSS says:


    Thanks for this wonderful followup. I enjoyed the movie so much and as you mentioned the film rekindles the past memory. It was the wonderful movie. The direction, screenplay, location, costumes, songs everything are very well executed. I was very touched by your costumes and the color of them. There was the right amount of contrast in colors with the background locations. I enjoyed thoroughly.

    New York, USA

  49. Jayanna says:

    Hi Pawan
    I watched your film in Cinemax @ Bellandur along my family & friends family. Lifu Istene is a well made film with new genere comedy. Songs, locations, music, comedy, story, ….and everything is fantastic in the film. Incase if this film is re-released in my area (Around Bellandur), I would surely love it watch this film again.

    All the best for your future films. I would love to see again good romantic comedy film from you.


  50. Kiran Kurkimatt says:


    Movie was good and the idea of sharing online is also good, Happy to watch Good Kannada movies with such a qulity by paying.

    Thanks again..


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