You and I are the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world

December 28, 2012 in Uncategorized


Listen up, maggots. You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You’re not your job. You’re not how much money you have in the bank. You’re not the car you drive. You’re not the contents of your wallet. You’re not your fucking khakis. You’re the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else.

- Tyler Durden, Teacher

 Population explosion! remember that phrase? We spent a lot of time writing essays on that topic in our primary school and High school. So it is sort of deeply rooted in our heads – We two, ours one!

spermSo everyone who studied well and got educated about the social status and the future of our country, got pretty much convinced that they should make only one child! The tragedy is that the number of people who understood that is small in number, and the ones who didn’t understand anything (including population explosion) are large in number and they had a lot of sex, made a lot of children, who have grown up to follow the ideologies of their uneducated parents. In fact it started sometime in 70’s I guess. And the results are reflecting today – Educated class is the minority and the uneducated is the majority. And majority always rules. That is what is happening to us, to our country. How do we solve this? Well we all counted on the people who promised us the 21/12/2012 but looks like someone from the majority bribed them as well.

Tomorrow when the inevitable (read mob violence) is going to happen, it is us the educated who will be wiped out first. Imagine yourself amidst a mob and you are talking about logic/peace/sense in front of say 10 people who live in an entirely different world from yours, they are just going to give you one tight slap and ask you to either follow them or be crushed under their feet. HANG ON! Isn’t this already happening. We the minority are governed by the most uneducated class of people. Yes we are dancing to their tunes. Every minute of our lives, we are following them blindly. Yep we have excellent skills to raise our voice or probably blog (like this one) about how we are not in agreement with whatever is happening. But nothing beyond that. And why we don’t do anything about it? Becoz we know that we are the minorities. We know that even if we show initiative and try to stand ahead and fight this injustice, there will be none to back us up. Even if everyone stands up and supports, we still fail, because – we are a minority. Hence some of us simply blog, garner few comments/likes, feel accomplished and satisfied.

It takes only 552 honest people to change this country. We must be such a minority because even in a population of billions we can’t find those 552 honest people. 552 is the maximum members in the Lok sabha. Planting selfless honest people in that room for a period of 5 years can bring in such a big change. I know it. You know it. But yet we can do nothing about it. We will quietly continue to be ruled by the stupid-ignorant-uneducated majority. And like we have been programmed – we will make only one child and we will teach that child to simply follow our foot steps.

I know what you are thinking – “If you talk so big, why don’t YOU do something?”. That crossed your mind, right? My answer is – yes I am trying. For now, I am trying it within my domain and I am learning from it. I am hoping that someone smarter than me, someone more educated than me will stand up to lead (could be you) and I can offer unconditional support. But if this smarter than me person doesn’t stand up soon, then I will. I am thinking about all this. I am letting the world around affect me, to disturb me, to wake me up. But are you letting these things happen to you?

Sometimes I feel it is justified that the educated mass (us) will suffer and perish. Eg. In the field of cinema, it is the majority section of the society which is giving the money. They demand for crass, and they are supplied with crass. They pay for it and keep the process in circulation.  But in the educated class, we are all just a bunch of confused minorities. We don’t even demand, we simply whine. Hence we get nothing!

There was a time when an Artist would create a work of art and put it out for the lesser mortals to look at it, to appreciate it and to probably learn from it. The lesser mortals respected the artist for his/her gift. They studied the art work and tried to understand it. In the process, they were growing. This happened in all streams of art. And cinema is a combination of all art forms. When the lesser mortal sat down and saw a film, he/she “had” to be moved by that experience, thats how powerful it was. Their constant effort to understand the Artist’s work made them more and more sensible and intelligent. But one day, something weird happened. A smart ass said ‘Why must we lesser mortals try to understand art and learn from it? It is taxing and tiring. Lets simply make what we all can easily understand, laugh at and have fun’. Lesser mortals who were in large numbers voted for the idea. Majority won. Dabaang and Bodygaurd kind of cinema became the trendsetter.

Currently, the whole Kannada Film Industry is helplessly dancing to the tunes of the Majority audience. An entire industry is producing content which will make a bunch of 10 – 15 lakh people happy and keep them as consumers. 100+ films are made in a year, all of them desperately attempting to keep this mass interested. The industry hardly makes an attempt to reach out to the rest of 5.5 Crore Kannada audience. It doesn’t make any logical sense or business sense. And yet it is happening.

So is there no hope for the minority section?

There is one solution. The minority has to unite. We are educated, we are smarter, we are updated, we can think clear and faster. All that we have to do is – UNITE. Watch each others back and we will win over the majority. My current film – Lucia, is a working example of this. It took only 110 educated people to unite, to bring in a change. We have made a film which is free of market pressures, a film that is not desperately trying to keep the masses impressed. We didn’t have to think of how we would reach out to an uneducated audience. Instead we have made a film which will help this uneducated audience to think, to question, to take a step forward. Isn’t that progress? Wasn’t that the purpose of a film or any art? or was it really – entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. I can bet that the sad state of the Kannada Film Industry could be completely changed in a span of just one year. It only takes 10% of the educated crowd to actively get involved in bringing in this change.

If we could do this for a film which is not even a basic necessity! Cant we do this for our country? Can’t the educated unite and decide to take over the offices which are currently run by the demons.

Remember, we also wrote essays about – Unity is Strength. Lets put it out to practical application. Lets gift our children a better country and let them live with dignity. Let them be happy that they are educated. Let them feel that life could be fair too.

If we don’t act now, 20 years hence, our children will be struck in traffic, while a convoy will be escorting a good for nothing uneducated politician. And they’d be thinking “If only our parents hadn’t fucked up” (Pun intended)