I am the Greatest Filmmaker

July 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

       This is what I used to think in 2006, when I knew nothing about filmmaking. The images in my head were so beautiful when compared to the stuff I was seeing on screen, I was waiting for ONE CHANCE to show the world how great I was. Life has its way of kicking us in the butt (and in other places) to teach us the right lessons. It just took me one short film to realize where I actually stood and how incapable I was. I made this short film called Beginnings and Endings, in 2007 and it taught me how much I didn’t know about movies. It is after this experience that I put my ego down and spent 4 years collaborating with Yogaraj to learn from him before I geared up to make a film again.

I thank Mr. Gopi, a film maker, who saw my half done short film and pointed out all the mistakes. It came to me as a shocker because he could pick out something wrong in every scene, and he was saying the truth. Now that I have learnt something about the craft of film making, I make it a point to share all that I have learnt with people like me who are still thinking that they are the greatest film makers and would prove it to the world if they are given a chance! This is not the way it works. With the digital technology available to everyone, it is pretty easy to attempt making movies, but the craft takes time to get into your blood, everyday we see many enthusiasts who are not willing to put in that time which is the most crucial thing in the process of making a film.

Recent example – A film like Gangs of Wasseypur is not just Anurag’s solo work. A film like that requires a large number of passionate and well trained people in all the departments. We dont have this in our industry, unless we build a team like that we will never be able to attempt bigger things.

On July 7th and 8th, I am conducting a 2 day extensive workshop in film making. To register and to get details – write to sowmyadance(at)gmail(dot)com

There are two things that you can expect to happen at the end of the workshop -

A. You will realize that you are happy being the audience and would like to continue with your job. You’d stop torturing yourself for not trying it out.

B. You will understand that you were cut out to face the hardships of film making and will convince yourself that it will take you atleast 3 – 4 years to make your first good feature film. You might want to give up your job and plunge right away!

(Many have written to me after attending the workshop, they choose option A and are happy now :)