Project Lucia – 72 hours test!

February 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

       We have had a great start. In 2 days, Rs. 3lakh is collected and another 15lak is pledged and that should come in over the week. Thank you people for trusting me and having faith in what I am yet to make.  All this funding is going under the name – Audience Films! From now on, we can officially say - Home Talkies Productions in association with Audience films presents LUCIA

As promised, now I am hunting for the talented victims :) Positions in all most all departments are open at the moment. I am right now looking for my core team. And I have a simple test for those who want to join.

Make 4-5 mins long Promo video about – Project Lucia. You can read all about it on the official page . You are free to be as creative as you want to be, use any medium to shoot, it could be live action or animation, but please use copyright free music and visuals only. The promo should have the quality to go viral and should make a viewer feel like being a part of Project Lucia, if your promo can achieve this then you are close to being in the team. And you have 72 hours to make this promo. (its not impossible, my first short film was done for a competition where the deadline was 48 hours, and the film went on to be in the best 25 films). This is the only way you can get into the core team of Lucia. Like we said, there is no favoritism or influence. If you have it in you, Prove it!

Sweat some blood out, be creative and innovative. Hope to meet you 72 hours from now. When you are done with the film, write to me.