December 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yes! that is the tentative title of my second film. I have been writing many scripts since the time Lifeu Ishtene got released. And all of those had to be kept aside for various reasons. Budget issues, too arty, not good for kannada audience, star date problems etc etc. And finally LUCIA came into my life ;)

I am very excited about this. Since last 3-4 weeks I have been working on this idea. Jack Manju and Yogaraj Bhat, both producers of Lifeu Ishtene liked the one line idea I told them 4 weeks ago. But its a very difficult script. If everything works out the way it is in my head, I am sure the audience will enjoy the film a lot!

I have had many negative reactions to the title and few positive. That’s why I am calling it ‘working title’. I personally feel that LUCIA should be the title for the film, I have so far convinced my wife. I know its not a conventional title for kannada. I know it doesn’t say anything. But why can’t all of that be the reason to have it as a title!

What is Lucia? or who is Lucia? for that you must WATCH LUCIA ;-)